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Иностранный язык (Английский язык) НТМТ (ФСПО) НТИ 2017 Егорова, Цибина - 9 вариант

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Иностранный язык (Английский язык) НТМТ (ФСПО) НТИ 2017 Егорова, Цибина - 9 вариант - Артикул: 190203190752-09

Вариант 9

ЗАДАНИЯ к упражнениям:

  1. Перепишите предложения и переведите их на русский язык, повторив тему «Инфинитив», «Причастие», «Герундий». Инфинитив, причастие или герундий подчеркните.
  2. Перепишите предложения и переведите их на русский язык, повторив тему: «Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты». Подчеркните модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты, определите их время.
  3. Перепишите предложения, выпишите глагол-сказуемое, определите его время. Предложения переведите.
  4. Прочитайте и устно переведите текст на русский язык.

Задание № 1

1. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 2. To tell him about my plans is not necessary. 3. Skydiving is a thrilling experience. 4. Bens tasteless jokes didnt produce the intended effect. Instead, his guests were offended. 5. Is there anything in this magazine worth reading? 6. Would you mind my closing the front door?

Задание № 2

1. You are not to drive faster, there is much traffic in this street. 2. You must not ask a lady her age, it isn't polite. 3. When Bob was a child he could play the piano wonderfully. 4. Mary will be allowed to have her test on Tuesday? 5. We were to meet at the railway station at 12 o'clock yesterday.

Задание № 3

1. People didnt build Rome in a day. 2. Does Ann cook dinner every day? 3. They will invite me to their party. 4. When I saw Gemma she was talking to someone. 5. Excuse me. Are you waiting for the downtown bus? Yes, I am. 6. She will have had lunch by the time we arrive.

Задание № 4


London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and commercial center. Its one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. Its population is about 9 million.

London is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world.

Traditionally its divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End. They are very different from each other and seem to belong to different towns and epochs.

The heart of London is the City, its financial and business center. Numerous banks, offices and firms are situated there, including the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange and the Old Baily. Few people live here, but over a million people come to the City to work. There are some famous ancient buildings within the City. Perhaps the most striking of them in St. Pauls Cathedral, the greatest of British churches. St. Pauls

Cathedral has always dominated the center of London. It stands on the site of former Saxon and Norman churches. They latter were destroyed in the Great Fire and the present building, completed in 1710, is the work of the eminent architect Sir Christopher Wren. It is an architectural masterpiece.

Londoners have a particular affection for St. Pauls, which is the largest Protestant Church in England. Its high dome, containing the remarkable Whispering Gallery, is a prominent landmark towering above the multi-storeyed buildings which line the river-bank.

The Tower of London was one of the first and most impressive castles built after the Norman invasion of England in 1066. Since the times of William, I various kings have built and extended the Tower of London and used it for many purposes. The Tower has been used as a royal palace, an observatory, an arsenal, a state prison, and many famous and infamous people have been executed within its walls. It is now a museum.

Westminster Abbey is a national shrine where the kings and queens are crowned and famous people are buried. Founded by Edward the Confessor in 1050, the Abbey was a monastery for along time. Since William, I almost every English monarch has been crowned in this great church, which contains the tombs and memorials of many of Britains most eminent citizens: Newton, Darwin, Chaucer, Dickens, Tennyson, Kipling and etc. One of the greatest treasures of the Abbey is the oaken Coronation Chair made in 1300. The Abbey is also known for its Poets Corner. Graves and memorials to many English poets and writers are clustered round about.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen.

The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London. It is the symbol of wealth and luxury. The best hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs, and theatres are situated there. There are splendid houses and lovely gardens belonging to wealthy people.

The East End is the poorest district of London. There are a lot of factories, workshops and docks here. The streets are narrow, the buildings are unimpressive. The East End is densely populated by working class families.

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