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Иностранный язык (Английский язык) НТМТ (ФСПО) НТИ 2017 Егорова, Цибина - 2 вариант

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Стоимость готовой работы: 450 рублей

Иностранный язык (Английский язык) НТМТ (ФСПО) НТИ 2017 Егорова, Цибина - 2 вариант - Артикул: 190203190752-02

Вариант 2

ЗАДАНИЯ к упражнениям:

  1. Перепишите предложения и переведите их на русский язык, повторив тему «Инфинитив», «Причастие», «Герундий». Инфинитив, причастие или герундий подчеркните.
  2. Перепишите предложения и переведите их на русский язык, повторив тему: «Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты». Подчеркните модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты, определите их время.
  3. Перепишите предложения, выпишите глагол-сказуемое, определите его время. Предложения переведите.
  4. Прочитайте и устно переведите текст на русский язык.

Задание № 1

1. This is a girl I want to get acquainted with. 5. We were sorry to find out that the most of the museums we wanted to see that day were closed. 3. No one likes a spoiled child. 4. Last night while we were walking home, we saw an unidentified flying object. 5. It is no use of my asking for his help. 6.

My elder brother is crazy about playing chess

Задание № 2

1. He had to sit up late with this work. 2. The girl had to take care of her younger sisters and brothers. 3. You neednt worry about your food on board a modern liner. Restaurants will take care of you. 4. You neednt ring the bell. I have a key. 5. "You are not allowed to play with matches," said Mother.

Задание № 3

    1. 1.Your teacher will write a report. 2. Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1462. 3. Listen! Somebody is singing a lovely song. 4. When you rang me yesterday, I was having a bath. 5. If we dont hurry the sun will have set before it gets dark. 6. I cant go out because I havent finished my work yet.

Задание № 4


The Romans with Julius Caesar at the head sailed to Britain in 55 B.C. & gave the land the name of Albion. Julius Ceasar brought the army of 10 000 men. The Britons fought desparately, but they were much weaker than the well-trained Romans, and soon fled. After the victory Julius Ceasar soon left Britain.

The real invasion took place in 43 A.D. when the Roman Emperor Claudius decided to make Britain part of the Roman Empire. An army of 40 000 Roman soldiers landed in Britain (Kent). Many Britons had to accept the Roman way of life, but some of them tried to resist the enemies for about 20 years.

Roman civilization brought straight, broad paved roads to England, the native language absorbed many Latin words. Many big towns were built along the roads, London, for example.

The Roman army marched deep into the countryside & slowly they drove native Britons into the mountains of Scotland & Wales. The Romans built forts in Wales & in the north of England to protect their land. The fierce unconquered tribes of Picts & Scots hiding in the mountains & valleys of Scotland raided northern England again & again.

The Emperor Hadrian decided to build a wall right across the country to control them. If you come to England, you can see Hadrians Wall, it is the most spectacular memorial to the Roman Empire in Britain. This immense barrier is an outstanding feat of military engineering. For over 250 years it stood as Romes northern frontier.

15 000 Roman soldiers guarded the wall, which was 120 km long & about 4 meters high. Every 8 km there was a large fort, which could hold up to 1000 Roman soldiers. About 1500 meters there was a small fort called a milecastle, which could hold up to 30 soldiers. The Romans guarded the wall all the time. If the tribes attacked, they ran for help or signalled with flags or fires. Much of the wall still exists today, & there is plenty to see along its whole length. As well as the better-known forts, there are smaller sites: turrets, milecastles, signal towers…

In 383 the Roman legions began to leave Britain to fight in Gaul (France) against Barbarian tribes who were invading the Roman Empire.

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